Become a Coach

Recruiting Coach Opportunity

Summary of Opportunity:

By joining us as a recruiting coach, you will play a crucial role in the personal growth and development of these young athletes. Your expertise will greatly contribute to the success of our camp, and your university's sports program will benefit from the exceptional talent pool available.

The Benefits of Participating as a Recruiting Coach

  • This is a paid opportunity, and as a recruiting coach, you will be compensated for your time and expertise, acknowledging the valuable contribution you make to our camp's success.

  • Direct Interaction with Promising Athletes: You will have the opportunity to scout and interact with talented athletes who are passionate about their sport.

  • Enhanced Recruiting Opportunities: Access to comprehensive player information, including performance metrics, profiles, and contact details, will enable you to invite promising players to your own elite camps and showcase your university's sports program.

  • Increased Exposure and Networking: Interacting with fellow coaches, recruiters, and industry professionals at our camp will expand your network within the sports industry.

We assure you that participating as a recruiting coach at our camp will be a highly rewarding experience. Please take a moment to complete the application and someone on our team will reach out to you.

We eagerly look forward to receiving your application and the opportunity to collaborate on a memorable and successful youth sports camp.

Do you have further questions? If so, you may reach out to us at or contact Coach Redd at (910) 849-4712.

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